Jared Leto might just be in Disney’s “Tron 3”

Oscar award winner, Jared Leto might just be a part of Disney’s, Tron Reboot as Jared is being considered in the undecided film

Jared Leto, Tron 3 Jared Leto might just be in Disney’s “Tron 3” Source : Press

As reported by The Hollywood Report exclusively said that the big banner, Disney is in early talks with Suicide Squad’s Joker, Jared Leto to star in “Tron 3”. Currently, there has been no writer hired for the script of the film and if the project gets a head start, Prom film producer, Justin Springer would be taken onboard with Jared Leto and Emma Ludbrook.
As we know Tron is an adaption from an arcade video game from 1982 and then a movie of the same name was produced in the same year. So video games basically need an upgrade, it’s just the same in the film’s case. Originally the script which was written back in 2015 but was destroyed completely and now the makers are going back to the root to hunt it down!
Getting back to the singer-actor, Jared Leto who was last seen in “Suicide Squad” as The Joker will soon be seen with Ryan Gosling. He will appear next in Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049,” along with Harrison Ford. 
Now Tron is nothing but an on and off thing. Before they could just head towards Tron’s pre-production, the studio pulled the plug. But now if they are actually taking about taking Jared in the film, they should really consider making Tron: Reboot! Because we are sure that Jared would surely give the justice to the film.