Hugh Jackman said, "He is almost healed"

Hugh Jackman has suffered from cancer for the sixth time now. The actor also revealed about his current condition and told the fans that he is almost healed

Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman said, "He is almost healed" Source : Press

The reel life and too much extent real life Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has beaten cancer for the 6th time now and the actor himself has clarified that there is nothing to worry about.

While the actor is really busy promoting his critically acclaimed and money minting last run as Logan, Hugh Jackman also gave his fans the much-needed information they wanted to hear.

The actor said, "Everything is fine now. I am almost completely healed."

Stating his Aussie origin with English parents as the reason as to why the star is so vulnerable towards cancer, Hugh said, "So here’s the thing. One sunburn, you’re susceptible to cancer. One. And all of this is 25, 30 years after, the doctor told me. Our rule, as kids, growing up, was you get burned and peel two or three times, then you’re set.”

While Logan has become one of the biggest hit of Hugh Jackman's life and his last run as Wolverine really made fans emotional, the news of cancer for the 6th time made the audience really afraid about his well being. But after his confirmation about his health, we all can enjoy his Logan without any worries.

So have you watched the movie yet? If not then Go Watch It, NOW! Till then, have fun watching this Logan trailer: