Here's what Ariana Grande has to say about her 3 exs in her new music video, 'Thank U, Next'

Ariana Grande recently dropped her new music video, "Thank U, Next" and it was packed with various easter eggs from the four films Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde. Not only that but she also name-dropped three of exes in her song's first verse: Pete Davidson, Big Sean, and Ricky Alvarez

Ariana Grande Here's what Ariana Grande has to say about her 3 exs in her new music video, 'Thank U, Next' Source : Press

Ariana Grande made a very cheeky reference to her ex-Big Sean in her latest music video. Apparently, Ariana Grande's ex-beau "could still get it." That's what she suggested in her music video, "Thank U, Next." The video is a hilarious reference to the movies Mean Girls, Legally Blonde! Bring It On! 3 Going on 30! What we personally loved was cool momager Kris Jenner cameo in the video.

In a few scenes of the video Ariana is seen flicking through her version of the burn book and fans spotted that, next to a photo of her smooching her ex-Big Sean, she drew a heart around his name and added the caption, "So cute. So Sweet. (Could still get it)." Ari and Big Sean split in 2015 - and fans are recommending that he picks up on her not so subtle comment. One person tweeted, "It's your move @BigSean." Another added, "@BigSean shoot your shot bro." As for Big Sean himself, we're waiting to see what his response is.

All Ariana's fans know that "Thank U, Next" is a song about Ariana's famous exes, including Big Sean, Pete Davidson and the late rapper Mac Miller. And all three exes and her former boo Ricky Alvarez get named. Ricky Alvarez in her book is tagged with very mature "good times man" remembrance with a promise to be "friends forever."

She even has her message for Pete Davidson, she wrote "love u always," "sry I dipped," confirming that she left him. But the biggest of compliments, "HUUUUUGE," in reference to his ... well, you get it.
She even pulled a Taylor Swift with hidden messages throughout the entire video teasing song titles from her next album. She was seen wearing a shirt with the words "Little Bit Needy" which is a reference to her to one of her new songs, "Needy."