Hailey Baldwin dries of Justin Bieber after his dip in the pool

Hailey Baldwin was all smiles as she happily dries off Justin Bieber with a towel as he steps out of the pool in Miami

Hailey Baldwin,Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin dries of Justin Bieber after his dip in the pool Source : Press

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin seem to be having a blast as they continue enjoying their days long trip to Miami. Recently Hailey was also seen playfully wiping off Justin with a towel after he took a dip in the pool. 

Hailey was seen smiling as she patted dry a wet shirtless Justin with a blue towel while he didn't mind and was seen enjoying.

Hailey too was seen flaunting her toned body in a dark blue bikini top as she let her hair down while also clad in some denim cut-off shorts during the memorable moment. And in the pic, they seem quite comfortable with each other.

Now, this isn't the only pic that is making headlines. Just before they had some fun in the pool, Hailey and Justin were also seen getting very cosy with each other while on a balcony. 

They were also spotted hanging out together while also attending a church service together in Miami. Now, these two have a romantic history and we cannot help wonder if this is just friendship or are they becoming more than friends?

Since he broke up with his on again off again girl Selena Gomez he has been spotted with a few women, but since Hailey's an old friend and his Ex too, their time in Miami could be a hit or miss. 

Now it could be that they are just enjoying each others company or there may be something more. And though Jelena fans may be pissed with Justin as of now, well we never know what the future holds, and maybe Sel and Justin may find their way back to each other.