Hailey Baldwin accompanies Justin Bieber for a dentist appointment in Toronto

Hailey Baldwin was recently seen accompanying Justin Bieber to his dentist appointment in Justin's homeland Canada, while they even took some time off their busy schedule to click a picture with a fan

Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin accompanies Justin Bieber for a dentist appointment in Toronto Source : Press

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were seen in England last week where together they struggled to row a boat. And Baldwin and Bieber left Europe, they were now spotted in Bieber's homeland of Canada. A fan who shared a pic to Twitter wrote, "So my brother-in-law just met justin bieber and hailey baldwin... Apparently he was on his way to the dentist. There ya have it, folks, celebrities get their teeth cleaned too."

Justin and Hailey were seen getting coffee and allegedly en route to a dentist appointment for Justin. Well, we have seen Hailey accompany Justin for his haircuts, tattoo appointments, his regular doctor, and the dentist now, it seems. Seems like nothing can separate them...at least until they call Bieber's name in the waiting room.

We are super excited to see Justin and Hailey spending their time in Ontario - as you know, the "No Brainer" singer splurged on a $5 million mansion in August! Though it's not yet known whether Justin and Hailey's home has been in use. But it wouldn't be surprised if the two have settled on an official home base, as they've been country hopping for the past few months. The couple was seen going back-and-forth between Europe, Canada and the U.S. since their legal wedding on Sept. 13. But we know for a fact that no matter where Justin and Hailey go, their love follows.

Recently Justin posted a black-and-white photo to his Instagram of him kissing Hailey and he also revealed his wife's nickname: Hunny buns punkin. Hailey too shared another black-and-white pic to her Instagram where there were seen in much lesser clothes while making out on a yacht. Yep, they're living the good life.