Gigi Hadid is slammed by fans for wearing a Hijab

Gigi Hadid is on the cover page for Vogue Arabia's first-ever print issue and was seen wearing a Hijab but her fans are unhappy about it

Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid is slammed by fans for wearing a Hijab Source : Press

Well, this isn't the first time Gigi Hadid is slammed by her fans for being racist. Gigi Hadid this time is on the Vogue Arabia's first-ever print issue and is seen wearing a hijab. Different images of Hadid in a sequined headscarf feature on the two covers.


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As her father being Palestinian-American, Gigi Hadid was super excited to be on the cover of the debut issue of Vogue Arabia. She even shared an image on Instagram and also captioned it as, "Being half-Palestinian, it means the world to me to be on the first-ever cover(s) of Vogue Arabia. I hope that this magazine will show another layer of the fashion industry's desire to continue to accept, celebrate, and incorporate all people and customs."

Though Gigi Hadid had the best intention at heart, this didn't go well with her fans. She received backlashing on past misuses of culture appropriation. Fans took to Twitter to share their unhappiness on Gigi in a Hijab.




Gigi Hadid was also seen making fun of Asian in the past where she was out for dinner with her family and she picked up a buddha cookie and squinted her eyes to imitate Asians. Gigi Hadid took racism to another level altogether when she even impersonated an afro woman. She was seen on Vogue Italia posing as a black girl when a black model could have been hired.

The magazine is said to be distributed n several Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Do let us know what you think about it.