George Clooney sues a magazine for illegally photographing his twin children

A French magazine published images of George Clooney’s twins where Amal Clooney was holding them at their estate in Lake Como.

George Clooney,George Clooney new born twins Ella and Alexander George Clooney sues a magazine for illegally photographing his twin children Source : Press

According to the reports, veteran actor George Clooney is planning to file a lawsuit against a paparazzi magazine for illegally taking a photograph of his new born twins - Ella and Alexander - when the family was out on their vacation in Italy. The reports further suggest that a French magazine had published the images of George and his wife Amal Clooney holding their children at their estate in Lake Como, while the cover of the magazine read, "The very first pictures of the twins in the arms of their parents. Do not miss all our exclusive photos."

George Clooney also issued a statement, calling out the magazine saying that over the last week photographers from ‘Voici' magazine scaled their fence, climbed their tree and illegally took pictures of their infants inside their home. The veteran actor also added that he will make sure that the photographers, the agency, and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as the safety of their children demand it.

A representative from the French Magazine, who is being blamed by George Clooney and Amal Clooney for breaking law, quickly responded with a statement of their own saying that the images that were published in Voici this Friday are a response to a public demand. The representative further added that people love George Clooney and have been following his life story for years now and those pictures of them do not put in danger Mr. Clooney, his wife or their kids.

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