Drake thinks Nicki Minaj sounded thirsty as she gave a shoutout to Michael B. Jordan at the PCAs!

Nicki Minaj’s shoutout to Creed star Michael B. Jordan while giving her acceptance speech at the PCAs had a lot of people reacting, but none quite as critical as her pal Drake’s. Drake was not happy with the flirty comment and thinks it “came off sounding a bit thirsty.”

Drake Drake thinks Nicki Minaj sounded thirsty as she gave a shoutout to Michael B. Jordan at the PCAs! Source : Press

Drake hoped that he received more recognition at the People's Choice Awards, after all, he had six nominations ahead of the event. Nicki Minaj, who was once rumoured to be married to the "God's Plan" rapper in 2010, failed to name drop her pal on stage at the award show.

But instead, she gave a shout out to one very lucky Black Panther star during her acceptance speech for the Female Artist of 2018 award! She said, "Shout out to Donatella Versace for custom making this dress for me tonight, and shoutout to Michael B. Jordan, who is taking it off me tonight." And though she sounded like a boss-lady, Drake disagrees!

A source close to Drake revealed, "Drake thinks that Nicki came off sounding a bit thirsty while as she was openly shooting her shot with Michael B. Jordan. He thinks that Nicki is a gorgeous, sexy, superstar and knows better than using an award show appearance to score a date. Drake expected more from Nicki and he was shocked to hear her come so hard after Michael."

In a backstage interview with Jason Kennedy Nicki revealed that she and Jordan are not good friends and also she remembers him introducing himself to her one time at the Met Gala. Nicki also explained why the actor who was recently announced one of GQ's Men of the Year, was on her mind. She revealed that a night before the PCA she was watching Black Panther. She said, "so he was just...happened to be fresh in my mind."

Well, we wouldn't blame her. Heck! we too would do the same thing if given a stage and microphone after watching Michael's shirtless scenes in his Marvel movie.