Did Lady Gaga pays tribute to OG star of 'A Star Is Born' Judy Garland with her Globes dress?

Lady Gaga looked like a dream in a periwinkle ball gown at the Golden Globes. And fans were quick to point out that Lady Gaga maybe paying homage to the original star of ‘A Star Is Born’ actress Judy Garland with her Golden Globes Dress

Did Lady Gaga pays tribute to OG star of 'A Star I Born' Judy Garland with her Globes dress? Did Lady Gaga pays tribute to OG star of 'A Star I Born' Judy Garland with her Globes dress? Source : Press

Lady Gaga is always out to surprise her fans with her gorgeously innovative dresses at any red carpet. Even this year everyone was waiting to see what epic look he would rock to kick off awards season. Gaga sure didn't disappoint as she walked in a periwinkle gown that had a long train and oversized sleeves and she looked just like a dream. The gown no doubt was simply incredible on its own, but fans believe it may have a deeper meaning. People pointed out that even Judy Garland wore a similar kind off dress while playing Ally in the 1954 remake of the original 1937 movie. In one of the scenes of the movie, the iconic actress was seen in a lavender gown and a velvet shawl and also long velvet gloves, something almost similar to what Lady Gaga choose to wear at the Globes.

Though when pointed out by a reporter about the similarities between Garland's gown in the film and Gaga's Golden Globes number, Gaga revealed that it was just a coincidence and she further stated she "didn't mean to copy her." She further stated, "[Judy] looks beautiful. This is Valentino Couture custom creation for me. That's special, except I'm missing the gloves. Thank you for showing me that. It made my night." 

Lady Gaga also took home the Golden Globe award for Best Original Song for "Shallows." And while giving her speech she tearfully praised her co-star and director, Bradley Cooper. She said, "As a woman in music, it is really hard to be taken seriously as a musician and a songwriter. These three incredible men... they lifted me up, they supported me." She further added, "Bradley, I love you." Lady Gaga definitely deserved the honour and while this is just the beginning, we can't wait to see the looks she comes up with for the rest of awards season.