Did Ariana Grande honours Mac Miller with her Cinderella styled gown?

Ariana Grande in her gorgeous ice blue princess dress looked just like Cinderella, and it was the same dress that she was supposed to wear to the 2019 Grammys. Ariana also shared a pic of her wearing the gown to her Instagram account and fans think that Ariana paid a tribute to late ex-BF Mac Miller

Did Ariana Grande honour Mac Miller with her Cinderella styled gown? Did Ariana Grande honour Mac Miller with her Cinderella styled gown? Source : Press

Ariana Grande after having a fallout with the Grammys producers after not being able to perform the songs she wanted, pulled out of the show altogether and decided to spend her night at home celebrating her win. But as Ariana skipped the show at the last minute, her dress for the Grammys was ready. In order for her dress not going to waste, she shared a pic of herself dressed in the satiny Zac Posen ball gown, and fans were convinced it was a tribute to her ex-rapper Mac Miller who passed away due to a drug overdose.

Ariana looked like Cinderella come to life in the gorgeous dress. Mac Miller in his 2016 song "Cinderella" wrote about his then-girlfriend Ariana, so fan believed she paid a tribute to Mac with her choice of the Cinderella Grammys gown. Ariana shared pics of her at home in the gown on the Grammy night and captioned the pics as, "when @zacposen makes u a custom gown it doesn't matter if you're singing or not....thank u." Even Zac Posen took to his Instagram and shared a pic of Ari in the dress and captioned it as, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo," the song sung by Cinderella's fairy godmother in Disney's classic.

Ariana also ended her night by cuddling with Myron, her dog that she adopted from Mac, as she slept which seems like another nod to the song when Mac says, "You in my dreams that's why I sleep all the time."

Mac Miller's album Swimming was also nominated Best Rap Album at this year's Grammy, but Cardi B took home the award in that category. Mac was also honoured during the In Memoriam" segment of the show.