Christopher Nolan to release his next movie by July 2020

Christopher Nolan's next movie finally has a release date: July 17, 2020. Warner Bros. made the announcement about the untitled project and also revealed it will be released in Imax

Christopher Nolan to release his next movie by July 2020 Christopher Nolan to release his next movie by July 2020 Source : Press

Not every director gets the chance where their latest movie can be wrapped in total secrecy and yet have a studio announce it all the same. Though JJ Abrams has enjoyed that privilege, and now for Warner Bros., there really is only one: Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan's next movie is finally getting the attention, as announced by Warner Bros this Friday, the next Nolan's next film will hit the theatre on July 17, 2020, and will open in Imax.

As for what the movie would be about or who would be starring or anything else, well there's no details about the movie but the project is described as an event film. We also know that the director not only has a propensity for secrecy but is also known for penning his scripts away from any prying eyes. We also cannot deny that he has such status that he can attract any actors he wants.

Nolan last film which was based on World War II, Dunkirk, won three Academy Awards while the filmmaker also won his first best director Oscar nomination. This Warner Bros. movie grossed $526.9 million globally. Not only this but also out of Nolan's last five movies, four have opened in that mid-July sweet spot, which includes 2008's The Dark Knight, 2010's Inception, 2012's The Dark Knight Rises and 2017's Dunkirk. Well as Interstellar was the exception and it theatres in November 2014.

Apart from Nolan''s movie a few other films are also slated to debut on July 17, 2020, such as Paramount's SpongeBob Movie and Fox's Bob's Burgers, while Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt Disney's Jungle Cruise, is set to hit theatres a week later.