Cardi B is FURIOUS as fans accuse her of dissing Ariana Grande

A fake screengrab surfaced on social media where it is seen Cardi B ‘liking’ an Instagram post that slammed Ariana Grande. Cardi who is very furious about the allegations by fans has the best reply

Cardi B Cardi B is FURIOUS as fans accuse her of dissing Ariana Grande Source : Press

Cardi B is not interested in getting into any feuds unnecessarily. A screenshot surfaced over the weekend in which Cardi has ‘liked' an Instagram post about Ariana Grande's relationship history. Cardi didn't let gossip spread like wildfire as she took to Twitter to call out the person who shared the post.

Her tweet read, "Ya gotta do better with photoshopping.the "y" is a little cut off in the corner. you kids need to find a hobby, LEAVE ME ALONE." On researching further it was found out that the person who shared the post is apparently a huge Nicki Minaj fan that had various posts on their page showing support to Nicki.

Yes, Nicki and Cardi are currently beefing and that one all started from an Instagram ‘like.' Cardi became aware that Nicki had like a post that slammed Cardi B's parenting and she confronted Nicki about it while attending a New York Fashion Week party in September. But things got pretty messy and Cardi B threw a shoe in Nicki's direction! But later Nicki denied that she ever said anything about Cardi's child.

Getting to Ariana Grande, she is going through a lot currently. She did recently end her engagement to Pete Davidson after four months of being together. Her decision came after her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller's passed away tragically.

Ariana Grande and Cardi B have collaborated on one another's albums and have also worked together on numerous occasions. So Cardi B is clearly making it known that she has NO beef with Ariana just because of her affiliation with Nicki!