Beyonce shares nude photos of her and Jay-Z in bed

Beyonce and Jay-Z treated fans to some of their intimate and steamy pics from a photo shoot from their tour On The Run II

Beyonce Beyonce shares nude photos of her and Jay-Z in bed Source : Press

Beyonce and Jay-Z rocked their On the Run Tour II in Cardiff and it was everything that fans hoped more and even more. Their costumes, the choreography, and the music were just great and the couple even dug deeper as they shared intimate details about their relationship and their lives with fans.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have a book put together for their tour act and some of the images are just steamy and sexy, and those images are now making their way online! Among all the pictures, there's a particularly sizzling photo of Bey naked and Jay is seen holding her in bed. Wow!

In another pic, Bey has a booty on display in just a white thong as she is seen casually ready a newspaper while Jay is puffing on a cigar while undercover next to her in bed. 

Yeah, we know its just a photo shoot but we just can't spot gushing about it. Not only that but we think that the two cosy in bed is downright mesmerizing!

The audience was also treated to pictures of their kids Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi Carter. The couple also decided to give fans a glimpse of their romance on their tour as they shared videos from their, what appeared to be a vow renewal ceremony. It sure gave a very intimate vibe. Also soon there was a video that surfaced of Bey twerking in the middle of the concert.

It's Ok, take a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor if needed. These pictures are amazing.