Ben Affleck's inappropriate behavior with a reporter in a newly surfaced video

Just after Hilarie Burton revealed how Ben Affleck groped her breast another video surfaced of him with a reporter on his lap and talks about her 'firm breast'

Ben Affleck Ben Affleck's inappropriate behavior with a reporter in a newly surfaced video Source : Press

And after Hilarie Burton claimed that Ben Affleck groped her breast, another video surfaced of him with another reporter sitting on his lap and he even goes as far as inappropriately talking about her 'firm breasts.'

In the clip, Ben says, "They would like it better if you do the show topless at the station, wouldn’t they? That’s sort of the idea, isn’t it? What if we do the interview like this? You usually show a lot more cleavage than this. What’s the story? Why are you covering it up today?" To which the reporter Anne-Marie Losique replies, "It’s Sunday morning." He then says  "It’s Sunday morning? That’s never stopped you before! These breasts are very firm, suspiciously firm, I have to say. They are like two giant stones, what has happened? How did you get like this? Should we do a little midriff-baring thing? Let’s do a Janet Jackson stunt, let’s scare them off. Are you wearing your nipple ring?

Though it's not known if Ben and Anne-Marie had any former relationship, even Anna-Marie has never made any complaints about Ben’s behavior. Also, it’s expected that Ben was still in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez at the time this was filmed.

It all started in response to Ben’s statement about Harvey Weinstein when a fan pointed out how he to grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts  once, but “everyone forgot.” Hilarie saw the tweet and responded, “I didn’t forget.” She further stated, “I had to laugh back then so I wouldn’t cry” she also shared a link to the throwback video, which shows her explaining how Ben wrapped his arms around her and came over and Touched her left boob.

Ben though later apologized to Hilarie Burton for the same.