Bella Hadid walked the ramp while bleeding from her side after a zipper opened her flesh

Seems like modeling is a dangerous task! Don't believe us? Ask Bella Hadid! Bella at a Tag Heuer promotional event in Malaysia, revealed she once had to walk the ramp with an open wound on her side that had blood pouring as a zipper had ripped open her flesh

Bella Hadid, The Weeknd, Bella Hadid The Weeknd Bella Hadid walked the ramp while bleeding from her side after a zipper opened her flesh Source : Press

Bella Hadid who walks the ramp with poise and confidence recently revealed how she once walked the ramp bleeding after a zipper cut her skin open. Who knew modelling could be a dangerous and bloody job too? At a Tag Heuer promotional event in Malaysia, on being asked by the host if she'd ever had a "Don't crack under pressure moment" to which Bella revealed that "there are a lot of stressful situations" in her line of work but the one she vividly recalled about how a situation forced her to walk down a runway with blood dripping from her side.

She said, "One moment that was painful and stressful was at a fashion show and they were about to push me onto the runway and my dress broke and they had to zip it up. And they were ripping my skin as they were zipping it up. And so the side of my dress was bleeding and I had to hold my dress up like this while I was walking." She further revealed "It was a tight dress and they kept doing it. It was painful and I still walked and tried not to crack under pressure. I was bleeding but it worked," Bella revealed with a look of triumph on her face. And as there aren't any pics of Bella walking a runway in a dress with blood on it, she did a great job of covering her zipper injury and going on with the show.

Bella who is currently dating The Weeknd was seen taking an extravagant, adventurous vacation in the desert of Abu Dhabi for Thanksgiving. The Weeknd was in Abu Dhabi performing while Bella came with him to visit her family and to also watch his show. Bella also shared a pic t her Instagram account where she appears to be wearing a gold necklace that spells "Abel"-the Weeknd's first name.

And going by the looks of their vacation, the two have been having a blast four-wheeling through the desert while also spending time with Hadid's extended family