Barry Jenkins created his own on-screen childhood memories via Moonlight

Berry Jenkins who is the director of an Oscar-nominated movie, Moonlight talks about Tarell McCraney’s play, his childhood and more

Barry Jenkins, Moonlight Barry Jenkins created his own on-screen childhood memories via Moonlight Source : Press
Director Barry Jenkins says that his movie, Moonlight, which is also nominated for Oscars this year, was an opportunity for him to remember his childhood and bring it on the screen. The movie Moonlight is based on a play produced by Tarell Alvin McCraney which goes by the name ‘In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue’ and according to Barry Jenkins, it perfectly and beautifully captures the life of a black kid growing up in Miami. He further elaborated on how he feels about the original short play by saying that Tarell did a great job of capturing what it felt like to be a poor black kid, who is growing up in Miami projects. He also said that he found an opportunity to get some of his own childhood memories out of his head and onto the screen, filtered through Tarell’s wonderful voice. He also talked about how the roots of Tarell’s experience were also the roots of his experience and it was a perfect marriage. The movie also marks Barry Jenkins’ comeback after eight years of hiatus. The director also directed the critically acclaimed movie, Medicine for Melancholy. To this Jenkins said that he knew it would be a process but he thought for sure within the next two years, he would be on set, making his next film and when it didn’t happen, he thought to himself that there must be something wrong. Meanwhile, Naomie Harris, who has bagged an Oscar nomination in the best-supporting actress category for Moonlight, has revealed that she was reluctant to play a crack addict in the Barry Jenkins-directed drama. The 40-year-old star, who plays a crack addict, Paula, in the movie, initially turned down the role because she did not want to perpetuate a negative stereotype about “black women”, reported Femalefirst. Moonlight will hit the theaters in India on February 17.