Ariana Grande shares her brain scan that shows she has severe PTSD

The past few years have been one heck of an emotional roller-coaster for Ariana Grande, and it has taken a toll on her as she now suffers from PTSD. She recently shared a scan of her brain, and it reveals that it’s a super intense case

Ariana Grande shares her brain scan that shows she has severe PTSD Ariana Grande shares her brain scan that shows she has severe PTSD Source : Splash

Ariana Grande who sent a text message to her friends showing just how bad her case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder really is also shared a screenshot of the same with her fans. In the pic, you can see Ariana compare a ‘healthy brain' alongside the brain of someone who suffers PTSD, and you can see the brain with PTSD has many more areas highlighted than a healthy brain. She then compared the scan of her brain, and it shows a huge amount of highlighted areas, much more than the PTSD sample! She captioned the image as, "Hilarious and terrifying. Not a joke."

After all the Ariana has endured, we are not surprised that she suffers from this terrible disorder. It all began in May 2017, at her concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, when a bombing at her concert left 22 of Ariana's supporters dead and more than 100 were injured. Ariana was able to get out safely but it sure scared her for life. And even though she pours her heart and soul in her music, whatever happened in the past still weighs heavily on her mind.

Just a year back when she was happily engaged to her fiance Pete Davidson, her world was shattered after she found out that her Ex-Mac Miller died of a drug overdose. When she and Mac dated she tried her best to help him get rid of his addiction and as it didn't work she broke up with him. It might have hit her hard, that he passed away while still battling those demons.

And now after his death, Ariana broke up with Pete and is now focused on her betterment and music. She recently released her new album Thank U, Next, in Feb. 2019, six months after she released her album Sweetener. She is currently on tour supporting both her albums.

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