Ariana Grande gets a new makeover: Swaps her ponytail for a bob!

Seems like Ariana Grande is reinventing herself after her spilt from SNL comedian Pete Davidson. She showed off her new hairstyle on Instagram and Twitter with a caption about her eyebrows. Can't fools us!

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande gets a new makeover: Swaps her ponytail for a bob! Source : Press

Ariana Grande now has a bob. Ariana shared a pic to her Instagram with the caption "this filter took my eyebrows away but i promise they're there." Though here our focus is only on her short hair! So Did she chop it all off? Well, we never saw this coming, but we are LOVING IT!

Ari likes many people who go through a breakup either cutting their hair or dying it. She just broke off her engagement with SNL star Pete Davidson in mid-October after a particularly trying year. There was also a terror attack at the Manchester Arena during her concert in May 2017, and her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller committed suicide in September 2018.

Ariana is all about self-care after she called off her engagement with Pete. And Just days later she dropped her new hit single "Thank U, Next," which is about how she is learning to love herself. Fans too are eagerly waiting for her new and fifth album. So maybe the new bob is maybe a transformation ahead of its debut. 

This is Ariana's first time where she has dramatically changed her hair length. So will that be a farewell to her signature ponytail? Likely not with the extensions and wigs. But we think Ari needs to focus on herself right now and we hope this new hair makeover is giving her a major confidence boost! Ariana is worldwide known for her high ponytail so maybe this fresh haircut is signifying a new chapter in her life.