Actress Naomi Harris didn’t want to play a crack addict in ‘Moonlight’

Naomi Harris, who have bagged an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role of Paula, a black woman who is addicted to crack

Naomi Harris Actress Naomi Harris didn’t want to play a crack addict in ‘Moonlight’ Source : Press
Actress, Naomi Harris, this year has bagged an academy award nomination in the category of best supporting actress for her role of Paula, who is a crack addict. She recently in an interview told that she was at first, reluctant in accepting the role of a “crack addict” in Barry Jenkins directed drama. According to her, she turned down the role of Paula because she did not want to perpetuate a stereotype of negative light about “black women.” She told in an interview that, she didn’t want to play the role of a crack addict because she feels that there are enough negative portrayals of women in general and black women in particular. She also further brought light on how her upbringing influenced her on being the women she is today by talking about her mother and how her mother was a really intelligent, powerful, independent woman and how she has always admired her. The 40-year-old actress, however, is now proud that she took up the role that she initially turned down. She alongside “Moonlight,” bagged seven nominations at this year’s academy awards in total. Naomi also talked about how she likes to play roles that have layers and she has to hide those layers. And in case of Paula, despite actress’ torturous journey to find Paula, once she got to Paula, it was comfortable for her to portray the character. She also talked about how the character is so far removed and how she is polar opposite to the character. “It was wonderful to jump into her skin because there was so little Naomi left and that’s where I’m happiest”, she added.