We rank the best films of the Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio

If you want to binge watch Leo’s movies, Here is a ranked list of some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performances.

We rank the best films of the Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio We rank the best films of the Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio Source : Press

Leo is one of the most worldwide loved actor of the last three generations. We’re not exaggerating when we say that he’s one of the finest actors of all time. From “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” to the Oscar winning “The Revenant”, Leo has come a Looongg way. Heres a list of some of our favourite Leonardo DiCaprio movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio

1.The Revenant:  In this Gripping and brutally amazing movie, Leo played the leading role. The Revenant is technically a masterpiece that won many many awards along with an Oscar for Dicaprio’s acting. Hugh Glass was played brilliantly by our beloved superstar.

2.What’s eating Gilbert Grape: Leonardo’s second best performance was in the movie “what’s eating Gilbert grape”, it might be shocking to some of you but he was only 19 years old at the time. Even though this movie is old news, it will always have a place in our hearts.

3.The Aviator: The story of this movie was thrilling as well as touching. The Aviator is truly a remarkable film. On our list “The Aviator” Receives the third place. We are highly grateful for this mesmerising movie, Thank you Martin Scorsese.

4.Shutter Island: Oh this movie was trippy. The mind blowing masterpiece had more than just great acting performances, The cinematography was just beautiful. It’s a movie to chew on.

5.Titanic: Here’s a fun fact; Titanic won ELEVEN OSCAR AWARDS of the total of FOURTEEN NOMINATIONS. Titanic will always remain “one of a kind”. Along with the superb performances by Leonardo and Kate, the movie was an emotional and visual thrill ride.

6.Inception: This movie was brilliantly put together. The stunning storyline gave the audience a different kind of high. Nolan has definitely outdone himself. Inception is a sci fi perfection.

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