Top 8 Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Actresses Revealed

Not all Hollywood Actresses are as perfect as they appear on screen, it’s been revealed by some that they use secret tricks to enhance their beauty

Top 8 Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Actresses Revealed Top 8 Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Actresses Revealed Source : Press

Hollywood actresses are looked up at globally by the audience for their perfectly flawless skin and fit bodies. We often wonder what’s the secret behind their beauty but we drop it by believing that it’s just good genes and a lot of maintenance.

Work out - For a spotless and glowing skin, working out and staying healthy is the most important thing to do. A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy body and which in turn means healthy and smooth skin. Workout reduces stress levels and releases endorphins, the “feel good hormones”. The sexy mommy Kim kardashian Swears by high intensity cardio while Transformers star, Megan Fox, loves intermittent cardio teamed with strength training.

Balanced diet : Diet is just as important as the fitness regime. Eating healthy means giving your body the love and care that it needs and deserves. I whingers scion, Scarlet Johansson, follows a strict diet of quotes, green vegetables and fresh fruits to get that awesome skin and voluptuous body. Beautiful Angelina Jolie includes more protein and less carbohydrates in her diet to look fabulous.

Potato and cucumber slices: Lauren Conrad says that to get rid of the puffiness of the eyes, she relies heavily on the potato and cucumber slices. She would slice a few potatoes and soak them in cold water and then put them over the islets for 15 minutes. This works like magic and eyes puffiness will be decreased.

Water: Drinking water is very healthy and that is no secret. The femur beauty queen Rihanna says that her beauty secrets are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and swimming which is extremely good for the body and skin. Both of these Tips will make you stress-free and the results will be super magical.

Argan Oil: Finally a tip for healthy hair, 40 likes to use Moroccan Argan oil for her hair which makes them super, pretty, shiny, strong and beautiful. Organ oil is like a blessing for dry skin and dry hair.

Moisturising regularly: Demi Moore might be 49 but he still able to make our heart skip a beat. The beautiful woman likes to moisturise her size pretty well so that the skin stays as pretty as youthful.  Hydrated and moisturised skin will help you  stay young for a very long time.

Eye cream secret: Sandra Bullock, the heartthrob of Hollywood like to use the buttercream as under eye cream that helps to prevent fine lines under the eyes. That sure is a very weird secret but if Sandra does it, it probably works.

Cleansing: Mila Kunis makes sure that her face is always cleansed before going to the bed. She adds a layer of moisturiser than double up the pillowcases as that would help to prevent the puffiness and the fluid buildup in the face.