Top 5 characters from Game of Thrones from season 1 to now

HBO's TV series Game of Thrones dominated the Television with its 7 seasons. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 characters over the years.

Game of Thrones Top 5 characters from Game of Thrones from season 1 to now Source : Press

The HBO's fantasy blockbuster has ruled the Television over the past six years and has introduced us to more outrageously bad people. It's brought Westeros alive as a fantasy world where a conscience is a luxury nobody can afford - not even kings. HBO's epic fantasy blockbuster showcased its seventh season, with the eighth and last chapter already on the horizon. Here's take a look at Top 5 characters from Season 1 to season 7 and how they have changed.

1. Jaime: A cruel and a spoilt rich brat, we were introduced to Jaime with this definition. But later he came to light as the prisoner and his loss of hand changed him considerably. A loyal to his sister, this remains the biggest weakness of Jaime.


2. Daenerys: Remember the shy and reserved Daenerys who was tortured by her younger sister. She later turned into a fearful warrior by defeating armies and eventually becoming the queen in the process.


3. Samwell: Sam, a self-confessed coward remained a nice, lovable guy throughout the season. He stood up by his bullying father and even showed his ferocity in the battle.


4. Cersei: Always manipulative and devoted to her family, the loss of her beloved children and her time spent as a prisoner made her substantially more dangerous. She's now colder and more determined than ever.


5. Tyrion: Known for his witty humor the selfish Tyrion was eventually absent in the last season. He is one of the good guys from the show now. He's proved his noble nature despite the connotations of his family name