Surprises & Snubs: Oscars 2019

Every year, the academy surprises fans and critics alike with its nominations, and particularly the winners. This year too, at 91st Academy Awards, we look at the biggest surprises and snubs that have left everyone bamboozled.

Surprises & Snubs: Oscars 2019 Surprises & Snubs: Oscars 2019 Source : Splash

The biggest surprise at the ceremony of 91st Academy Awards was the absence of a host. Thankfully, the show ran smoothly without many hiccups, except that some speeches didn't finish because mics were rapidly cut off but overall it moved briskly to shorten run time(from over four hours to three hours.) The best talking point was the inclusiveness for the lack of which the academy had frequently come under the scanner in the past. There was also no popular film award this year. Black Panther became the first Marvel Studios movie to win an Oscar. Also, both the production designer and costume designer of Black Panther-Hannah Beachler and Ruth Carter respectively, became the first black women to win the academy award in their categories. Peter Ramsey became the first black director to win an academy award in Best Animated Feature category. Mahershala Ali became the first black actor to win the award of Best Supporting Actor twice. Alfonso Cuaron became the first director to win the award for Best Director and Best Cinematography simultaneously.

Snub: Bradley Cooper for A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper's passion project A Star is Born was nominated in 8 categories but it only won the Best Original Song award for "Shallow." Bradley Cooper's film had a great shot at Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor awards for his film but in the end, winning just one came off as a surprise to everyone.

Surprise: Green Book(Best Picture)

If not Roma, then there were A Star is Born and The Favourite which were also strong contenders for the Best Picture award. That was the talk of the town. Because of the preferential ballot system, Green Book won the Best Picture. If they had to give the award to the most important film, then BlacKkKlansman should have been the frontrunner on that aspect because it was even more powerful and talked about ‘Black Power.' So, effectively there were four snubs in the Best Picture category.

Snub: Glenn Close for The Wife(Best Actress in Leading Role)

Not that Olivia Colman as Anne, the Queen of Great Britain in The Favourite didn't deserve the Best Actress in Leading Role award, but generally people were upset that Glenn Close didn't win despite her stunning performance in The Wife as Joan Castleman. Close has now seven nominations but no award yet which is most for any living actor.

Snub: Lady Gaga for A Star Is Born(Best Actress in Leading Role)

Lady Gaga won everyone's hearts as Ally Maine in A Star is Born with not just her singing but also for her incredible performance as an actor. The character she played had similarities from her real personality nevertheless it was just as challenging and Lady Gaga indeed stood up and nailed it.

Surprise: Mahershala Ali for Green Book(Best Actor in Supporting Actor)

Mahershala Ali, having won the same award for his performance in Berry Jenkins Moonlight, he has won it again on the back of an excellent, measured and vastly different role in Green Book as Don Shirley. Was it good enough to beat Sam Elliott and Sam Rockwell? Someone's been snubbed.

Snub: Adam Driver for BlacKkKlansman(Best Actor in Supporting Role)

Adam Driver is one of the finest actors to have emerged in the last few years. He has been prolific and has given continuously strong performances across a variety of characters. BlacKkKlansman had great all round performances under the direction of Spike Lee and yet he stood out in his role as Phillip Zimmerman. This year it looked like he was going to finally get rewarded but it wasn't to be.

Snub: Paul Schrader for First Reformed(Best Original Screenplay)

First Reformed is Paul Schrader's finest film in a very long time. He has evolved as a writer and a filmmaker but there he hasn't lost what made him great in the first place, the anti-climatic ending and the penchant for surrealism. First Reformed is a slow-burning meditative film but in the last act it goes, well, completely bonkers.

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