Justin Bieber forgets the lyrics to Spanish hit ‘Despacito’, sings "I WANT A BURRITO"

Justin Bieber forgets the lyrics to Spanish hit, ‘Despacito’. Mocks the lyrics during special performance and embarrasses The Chainsmokers

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber forgets the lyrics to Spanish hit ‘Despacito’, sings, I WANT A BURRITO Source : Press

We all are totally in love with the Spanish hit, ‘Despacito' to make it more amazing and as an add-on to the amazing song, Justin Bieber too sang a part of the song in English. Unfortunately, it looks like that the 23-year-old ‘Sorry' singer forgot all the words except the title, see it yourself.

Embarrassing, isn’t it? 

Justin visited a nightclub after he made the crowd crazy in New York City on stage at 1 OAK. Justin took the mic at the club and started to blabber words out of his mouth, which was such a disgrace to the song. He knew nothing but the title of the song and literally just the song! The song has originally sung by Puerto Rican artists, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Justin’s entire special performance had nothing but repeatedly said, “blah, blah, blah,” whereas, Bieber performed on stage with the Puerto Rican artist Fonsi during his Purpose Tour in Puerto Rico. He also added his imaginary lines and sang like “I don’t know the words so I say ‘Dorito’” and “I ate the burrito, I just want a burrito.” And we don’t think that all the Latinos out there seem to really enjoy Justin’ stunt. Few of them took it to their Twitter and wrote that the videos of Justin Bieber of not knowing the words to the Spanish song ‘Despacito’ are just unacceptable. It looked like he is poking fun at the whole Spanish culture. 

The audience too present at the nightclub too didn't look quite impressed as he took the microphone out to them to do the hard work. Not just the audience but also the Closer hitmakers, The Chainsmokers were embarrassed by Justin’s lewd behavior. Now that we are on the same topic, did Justin lip sync at the Purpose Tour in Puerto Rico when he sang the Spanish song, ‘Despacito’ with the Puerto Rican artist Fonsi? Do you have anything to say, Justin?

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