How true the Netflix Defenders are to their comic-book selves?

The Defenders are here and we are sure that we are in for a great team. But is this Defender team true to their comic-book selves? Let's find out

Defenders How true the Netflix Defenders are to their comic-book selves? Source : Press

With Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist getting his solo Netflix series, we have got the Last Defender. Fans including us are all set for these 4 defenders to team up against the crime and other greater threats of this world.

The team up is surely going to be kickass and we are sure that we are going to love it. But are these defenders true to their comic-book selves? This is a question you might not be able to answer. While the origin story of each and every Defender does justice to the comic book, there are things which are not really a part of the comic book defenders.

Talking about the costume, except Matt Murdock's Daredevil, all the other Defenders whether it is the newest addition Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, nobody has got their iconic uniforms.

While Daredevil and even Punisher costumes are on point with the comic-book, neither Luke nor Jessica Jones got their costumes. In the Jessica Jones season 1, they did give a throw back to the original costume but the character never wore it in the series. 

After watching the trailer of Iron Fist, we can safely say that we will see Danny Rand in the comic book Ku'n Lu'n robes but we don't think that the 4th Defender will get his iconic costume. 

Talking about the mood, Marvel is known for making their superheroes funny. No matter how serious he/she is about saving the world, they can't help but be funny whenever there is a chance. While the latest two defenders, Luke and now Danny have that humor to some extent, Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones were a bit serious. 

While there is nothing bad to these changes, anyway changes are always for better. All we are saying is that at least the makers should try to incorporate their superhero suits.

We hope that we will get to see the iconic uniforms in the Defender series. The series will be out in 2018, till then check out this teaser: