Five ways The Flash can beat Savitar and save Iris

Here are five ways that Barry Allen can use to defeat his future self aka Savitar and save the love of his life, Iris.

Flash Five ways The Flash can beat Savitar and save Iris Source : Press

Well, now we know who that the big baddie of The Flash season 3, Savitar is none other but Flash himself, actually the future Flash and all of us are feeling stupid as the baddie has told his identity when he was inside Julian's mind and said, "I am the FUTURE FLASH."

But now that we know that Savitar is actually Barry from the future, there are now a lot of possibilities that is in front of Barry in order to defeat Savitar and save his love, Iris. Here are the potential ways to defeat himself.

Erasing Barry's Memory (Well, some of it)

We all have seen the Cause and Effect episode of The Flash where Cisco comes with an idea to manipulate Barry's mind to erase some memories and keep him from making more so that Savitar will now know what is going to happen and can be defeated but this is not going to work as no one is great enough to pull such a trick on a human body now that Caitlyn is out of Team Flash.

With the Help of Time Wraiths or Black Flash

Well, we all know  Speed force doesn't like the change in time due to a speedster and that's why they send the Time wraiths to take care of the speedster causing the time to change according to his will. Barry has used these wraiths against Zoom who then became the Black Flash. Black Flash is one level higher to Time Wraiths and we saw him going after Reverse Flash or his time remnant who tried to mess with time to make himself whole again.

But the problem with this theory is that all these events are happening because of Flashpoint created by Barry and Speed force is not happy with him and want him to know his mistakes and pay for it.

Borrowing Speed From Other Speedsters

Barry is not alone now. He has the Kid Flash and Jesse Quick to help her. In most of the 90's comics, Flash borrowed his friend's speed in order to be fast enough to defeat his enemies. This can be the way to defeat Savitar.

The problem with this theory is when Barry tried to take Wally's help to defeat Savitar earlier this season, Wally was imprisoned in the speed force where he has realized that he has to defeat Savitar by himself.

Flash kills himself:

Like season 1 where Eddie killed himself to prevent the existence of Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne, Barry can kill himself and prevent the possibility to become Savitar.

But we can't forget the Future version of Flash is powered by the Philosopher stone and that might just protect him from being erased even if Barry kills himself.

Flash Goes To The Speedforce:

The only viable option that comes to our mind, Barry might just surrender himself and goes into the speed force until the time he doesn't avoid the possibility of being Savitar.

Well, if you any other theory, do let us know.

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