Five Celebrity Couples who married on Valentine’s Day!

A few Hollywood couples decided to take their Valentine's day celebrations to the next level by getting married!

Valentine's Day Five Celebrity Couples Who Married On Valentine’s Day! Source : Press

If you think a little Valentine’s Day romancing is cheesy, imagine the people who make sacred vows to each other on February 14! Well, at least these couples won’t forget when their anniversary is and will be sharing their love together with the world. Below are five such celebrity couples that took their Valentine’s celebration to the next level and decided to get hitched!

1. Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric – The couple seemed very excited and wanted to celebrate their marriage in a big way. They named their daughter Valentina after their anniversary! Interestingly, Victoria’s Secret stunner was a virgin until her wedding night with Basketballer, Marko Jaric. Quite adorable, no?

2. Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan – This celebrity couple made it official by marrying each other on Valentine’s Day in 1991. It ended tragically when rumors of infidelity were spreading about the pair.

3. Keri Russell & Shane Deary – Keri Russell found out she was pregnant in 2007 and wanted to marry her longtime partner Shane Deary. The couple got hitched by celebrating small on a winter night in New York City. It happened in a private room of a restaurant! Quite spontaneous and romantic, right?

4. Prince & Mayte Garcia - Prince met Mayte Garcia, a backup dancer, in his Diamonds & Pearls tour. She was his inspiration for an album and he believed they were soul mates in another life. They got hitched on Valentine’s Day but it didn’t last for very long.

5. Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault – Salma was not up for marriage initially, because she thought it destroys people. Her plans changed on Valentines Day 2009 and since then, she and Francoise-Henri Pinault have been happily married. 

If you know of any more celebrities who got married or did anything extra special on Valentine’s, drop it in the comments section below!