Five Abusive Film Directors!

Find out which film directors have a bad reputation for abusing their actors on set

Film Directors Five Abusive Film Directors! Source : Press

Hollywood can be a tough place to build a career, especially if you’re a woman. We have heard stories about the nasty casting couch, widespread misogyny and covert symbolism that run rampant in the industry. Little known to us however is the abuse directors give their actors. Here are five such names that have not gotten a very good reputation. 

1. David. O Russell – The director is known to abuse his boundaries as a professional. It happened once when he went off at actress Lily Tomlin, who had to endure his fiery wrath. Moreover, it seems Christian Bale had to step in to save co-star Amy Adams from his abuse. 

2. Bernardo Bertolucci – Bernardo was known to film a controversial scene without the consent of his female actress Maria Schneider. She was pinned to the floor, lubricated with butter and then raped by Marlon Brando. He wanted a child’s reaction, not a woman’s. He has been shamed by many A-listers. 

3. Alfred Hitchcock – He was obsessed with actress Tippi Hedren, and made her life hell when she said no to having more than a professional relationship. Real birds were used to attack her in the movie, and she suffered a nervous breakdown. After coming back from treatment she was not offered any more roles. 

4. Stanley Kubrick – This auteur repeatedly subjected actress Shelley Duvall to psychological torture to get the performance he was looking for in The Shining. She was shattered, became a recluse and lived off the land. She now suffers from hallucinations and delusions. 

5. Lars Von Trier – Lars Von Trier’s attitude towards women, is borderline creepy. Pop singer Bjork, Nicole Kidman and Paul Bettany hated his guts and wanted to strangle him. According to one of them, he’s an “Emotional pornographer.”

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