Dwayne Johnson defeats Vin Diesel

Dwayne Johnson defeated his arch rival Vin Diesel to become the Highest paid actor of 2016. In Fact he even beat Robert Downey Jr who has been topping the list for last 3 years.

Dwayne Johnson DEFEATS Vin Diesel Source : Press
Dwayne Johnson beat his rival and co star Vin Diesel and last 3 years highest paid actor Robert Downey jr to become the Highest paid actor of 2016. The former wrestler has topped the Forbes Magazine list of earning actors after earning $64.5 million over the last year. Its a noticable fact that Dwayne's income of $64 Million eclipses that of Jennifer Lawrence's $46 Million, who is the highest paid actress of 2016. Which shows the huge pay gap among the genders across the world. Well Johnson is closely folloewd by Jackie Chan's prolific run of film Voice Over appearances have placed him at the 2nd position with an annual earnings of $61 Million, while Matt Damon follows with $55 million. Check out the top 10 highest paid actors of 2016 1. Dwayne Johnson – $64.5 million 2. Jackie Chan – $61 million 3. Matt Damon – $55 million 4. Tom Cruise – $53 million 5. Johnny Depp – $48 million 6. Ben Affleck – $43 million 7. Vin Diesel – $35 million 8. Shah Rukh Khan – $33 million 9. Robert Downey Jr - $33 million 10. Akshay Kumar – $31.5 million