A look back at Ryan Gosling’s epic Hollywood transformation

One of the Hollywood’s finest, the handsome Ryan Gosling came a long way from talent show stages in his hometown of London to the flashing lights of the La La Land.

A look back at Ryan Gosling’s epic Hollywood transformation A look back at Ryan Gosling’s epic Hollywood transformation Source : Press

The charming superstar climbed his way up to the top in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Here’s everything you need to know about the star and his journey from the notebook to his breakup lows.

Mickey Mouse club days : The Hollywood’s favourite actor, used to be one of Disney’s coolest Mouseketeers. He earned himself a spot on the show along with some of today’s other popular celebrities such as Britney Spears, Justin timberlake, Christina Aguilera and JC Chasez.

Young Hercules : Ryan received some recognition For his heart throbbing looks in the television series “young Hercules” at just the age of 18 years. He showed off his muscular frame and was admired for it by the audience.

Debut film: Ryan had played the side roles in various movies before his first major film breakthrough, 2001’s The believer. He played a Jewish neo-nazi in this movie and garnered even more recognition.

Relationships :

1.  The charming, super hot Ryan sure knows his way around the ladies. Golden globe winner’s first high profile relationship was with his then-37-years-old-co star Sandra bullock. Ryan and Sandra had a 17 year age gap but their relationship lasted for almost a year before they parted ways.

2. Rachel ( McAddams ) and Ryan aka Allie and Noah fell for each other in between the shootings of the record breaking film “the notebook”. They dated for four years but broke up later, leaving their fans broken hearted.

3. Eva Mendes and Ryan met at the sets of ”The place beyond the pines”. The couple fell in love while practicing their dialogues together. The lovers are very private about their relationship but let’s hope they stay together forever. Because aww they’re so cute.

La la land: Ryan had become a pretty big deal in the Hollywood industry right after his blockbuster movie “the notebook”. La la land just added to his recognition and  versatility.

Bottom note: Ryan has learned a lot in his journey of a hopeful teen to a superstar. His performances have gradually gotten better. And also his fanbase is one of the biggest amongst all the today’s superstars’.