50 Essential Art-House Films

Criterion Collection released a boxset of 50 essential art-house films from the collection of Janus Films. The list contains some of the greatest art-house and experimental films from the international cinema.

50 Essential Art-House Films 50 Essential Art-House Films Source : Criterion Collection

Janus Films brought the art-house and experimental films of great filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, and François Truffaut, at the height of their artistic powers, their best work to America and rest of the world. The Essential Art House: 50 Years of Janus Films bring fifty classic films that require a minimum of 2 viewings each because of their cerebral and visceral nature.

Ingmar Bergman has three films-The Seventh Seal, The Virgin Springs and Wild Strawberries. Francois Truffaut has The 400 Blows and Jules and Jim. Alfred Hitchcock has The 39 Steps and The Lady Vanishes. Roman Polanski has Knife In The Water. Segei Eisenstein has Alexander Nevsky and Ivan The Terrible, Part II.

50 Essential Art-House Films:

The 39 Steps 1935

The 400 Blows 1959

Alexander Nevsky 1938

Ashes and Diamonds 1958

Ballad of a Soldier 1959

Beauty and the Beast 1946

Black Orpheus 1959

Brief Encounter 1945

The Fallen Idol 1948

Fires on the Plain 1959

Fists in the Pocket 1965

Floating Weeds 1959

Forbidden Games 1952

Grand Illusion 1937

Häxan 1922

Ikiru 1952

Il posto 1961

The Importance of Being Earnest 1952

Ivan the Terrible, Part II 1958

Le jour se lève 1939

Jules and Jim 1962

Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949

Knife in the Water 1962

The Lady Vanishes 1938

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943

Loves of a Blonde 1965

L'avventura 1960

M 1931

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday 1953

Miss Julie 1951

Pandora's Box 1929

Pépé le moko 1937

Pygmalion 1938

Rashomon 1950

Richard III 1955

The Rules of the Game 1939

Seven Samurai 1954

The Seventh Seal 1957

The Spirit of the Beehive 1973

La strada 1954

Summertime 1955

The Third Man 1949

Three Documentaries 1962

Ugetsu 1953

Umberto D. 1952

The Virgin Spring 1960

Viridiana 1961

The Wages of Fear 1953

The White Sheik 1952

Wild Strawberries 1957

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