5 Famous Hollywood Singers Who Failed Before They Made

While you struggle day-in and day-out towards the fulfillment of your hopes and your dreams, know this: “If there is no struggle there is no progress.” Here are five such music stars who failed before they hit it big. the most successful and famous people in the world have endured the most failures in life.

5 Famous Hollywood Singers Who Failed Before They Made 5 Famous Hollywood Singers Who Failed Before They Made Source : Press

Success is never easy to grab. A person obviously needs hard work and complete dedication to achieve success in their life but along with that to reach towards success its okay to fail sometimes. As Sir Winston Churchill said it best, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Lady Gaga- We all love lady Gaga for her monstrous hits like, Telephone, Alejandro and Born This Way but only a few know that her road to stardom wasn’t simple. Lady Gaga was installed signed by Def Jam Records but was dropped after three months when her debut album studio session did not impress her new boos, who labelled her new music‘disgusting.’Gaga once in an event said that‘they would say, This is too racy, too dance-oriented, too underground. It’s not marketable.’ And I would say, ‘My name is Lady Gaga, I’ve been on the music scene for years, and I’m telling you, this is what’s next.’ And look…I was right.” Lady Gaga later signed with Akon’s Konvict Music and the rest is history.

Madonna- After dropping out from college and moving to New York City, Madonna worked as a waitress at Dunkin Donuts. After that, she eventually decided to market herself as a solo act,but was famously rejected by Millennium Records President Jeremey lenner, who stated that while he enjoyed some of her music, she was “not ready yet” and he would “pass for now.” This rejection motivated Madonna to continue making music with club DJ Mark Kamins.In 1983 In the United States, Madonna’s first self-titled studio album came out which became a major hit. Madonna’s music has brought her a lot of international success.

Katy Perry- Many of us know Katy Perry but we don’t know her struggles behind her success. Perry started her career soon after when she was dropped out of high school in 1999 to chase singing.As she was born in a Christian family she started with gospel singing.In 2001 she realised her first gospel album with Red Hill Records, which was commercially unsuccessful. Later she was dropped from three labels but Perry did not give up. The record gave a single, I Kissed a Girl which became a number one hit in countries such as the United States, Australia, Austria, Canada and New Zealand. which started her career as a commercial success.

Colbie Caillat- Colbie Caillat Growing up with an interest in music led her to audition for, ‘American Idol’ but she was unable to impress the judges. She stated, “I was shy. I was nervous. I didn’t look the greatest. I wasn’t ready for it yet. I was glad, when I auditioned, that they said no.” The rejection allowed Caillat to improve her singing and songwriting abilities. Soon, her debut album, ‘Coco’ hit the markets in 2007. Since then, Colbie has been on fire

Jay Z- He did not become a star in the night, he had to go through difficult and rejections.In 1995 when Jay-Z tried tirelessly to strike a record deal, not a single label would sign him. After being turned down by so many labels, and eventually starting up his own record company called ‘Roc-a-fella Records.’ He then put out his first album, ‘Reasonable Doubt’ which recorded platinum-level sales in the US. Today, he has become a business mogul and is the winner of twenty-one Grammys and many more.