Rahul Gandhi hugs PM Narendra Modi, Winks later!

Rahul Gandhi hugged PM Narendra Modi and the internet couldn’t help themselves from going ROFL!

Rahul Gandhi,PM Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi hugs PM Narendra Modi, Winks later! Source : Press

The debate on the no-confidence motion on Friday turned out to be a fun-filled session as there were many interesting things happened.

Rahul Gandhi, obviously targeted by everyone especially the BJP Government did a thing that took the entire nation by surprise.

While the session was on, Rahul went up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hugged him tightly. Instead of taking it sportingly, Mr. Modi had a rather weird expression on his face.

But later Rahul received a pat on the back from Modi. All this while, the internet has gone berserk over all these happening and several memes have surfaced the internet.

Well, well, a video of Rahul Gandhi winking at his fellow seater is also going viral and people have started comparing him to the wink queen Priya Prakash Varrier.

Take a look at some of the memes.

Rahul Gandhi 1

Rahul Gandhi 2

Rahul Gandhi 3

Rahul Gandhi 4

Rahul Gandhi 5

Rahul Gandhi in his speech said, "People are being lynched, women are being assaulted and PM Narendra Modi is silent on these issues. When your minister talks of changing the constitution then its an attack on Ambedkar ji and an attack on India Government has failed to provide security to women. It's happening for the first time in the history of the country that India is not been able to protect its women. India is gaining a bad reputation across the world."

"Can see him smiling? But there's a touch of nervousness in the gentleman and he is looking away from me. I can understand that. He cannot look into my eyes, I can see that because the Prime Minister has not been truthful" he added.