YouTube HQ shooter was found sleeping hours before the attack!

The woman who opened fire on the YouTube headquarters injuring 3 people was found sleeping in her car by police officials hours before the dreadful tragedy took place!

YouTube HQ,YouTube headquarter YouTube HQ shooter was found sleeping hours before the attack! Source : Press

The headquarters of YouTube went through an unimaginable tragedy as a woman named Najim Aghdam opened fire and shot three people before killing herself. According to the police, the killing was angered by YouTube's policies and practices against her channel.

But hours before she commuted the crime, Nasim was found sleeping in her car in Mountain View, California which is home to Google's YouTube owner. According to the Mountain View police, Najim showed signs of harming herself or anyone else and did not even once mention YouTube.

Their statement said, "Throughout our entire interaction with her, she was calm and cooperative. At the conclusion of our interaction with her, she in no way met any reason for us to speak with her further or possibly detain her."

The attack in San Bruno marks the latest high-profile burst of gun violence to transform a seemingly safe space into a chaotic scene of bloodshed and fear and it has come in the wake when the entire country is debating over firearms and public safety remains in the wake of of the Parkland, Florida, high school massacre.

Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google, said in a statement that he was "grateful to everyone inside and outside the company for the outpouring of support and best wishes." He said, "I know a lot of you are in shock right now," he said. "Over the coming days, we will continue to provide support to help everyone in our Google family heal from this unimaginable tragedy"