UNCONTROLLABLE wildfires across Northern California

Northern California has been struck by dangerous wildfires, causing 15 people to lose their lives and evacuations for over 20000 people

Wildfires ,Northern California UNCONTROLLABLE Wildfires across Northern California Source : Press

Over hundreds of firefighters are battling the wildfires across Northern California's wine country. According to the officials, this is the most destructive fire emergencies in the state's history. In the largest city in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, and other neighboring areas, many businesses, homes, trees have been reduced to ashes. Multiple evacuations have been ordered by the officials and till now, over 20000 people have evacuated.

The terrifying and dangerous wildfire has caused a panic among the people, causing the death of 17 people who were caught off guard by the fire. People are forced to leave their homes, belongings, etc and run for their life.

Over 2000 structures have already been destroyed since the wildfires have spread across 115,000 acres. The wildfires have caused heavy damage to place and property at Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Napa County and Yuba County.

What once was filled with wineries, vineyards, lush green forests is now full of smoke, ash, and terror. People are asked to seek shelter in a place far away from the fires.

The wind is gushing at a speed of 50 meter-per-hour, thus adding to the ferocity and speed of the blaze. According to the forest experts, low humidity and dry vegetation are also playing a catalyst in increasing intensity of the fires.
The cause of the fires remains unknown but the police are investigating into it.

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