Thousands protest to BAN IPL matches in Chennai

Political parties and other fringe groups have been demanding the cancellation of all seven IPL matches to be held in Chennai till the central government forms Cauvery water management board.

IPL Thousands protest to BAN IPL matches in Chennai Source : Press

Thousands of activists hit the streets in Chennai to call for a boycott of the IPL match. Political Parties and other local groups want to ban all the seven matches to be played in Chennai unless the center forms Cauvery water management board.

The recent match in the city was played amid 4000 vigil police personals in and around the stadium. Despite the tight security, reports emerged of protesters forcing fans out of their CSK jerseys. Some released black balloons into the sky as a mark of protest.

Calling the IPL matches in Chennai amid widespread protests an "embarrassment", actor turned politician Rajinikanth said, "If they don't cancel, they should at least allow players and spectators to wear black badges."

The Cauvery water division matter has been going on for decades between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. From time to time, Karnataka has refused to release waters, citing inadequate monsoons and a dearth of drinking water in key cities including state capital Bengaluru.

The Supreme Court in February had suggested a division formula, which gives Tamil Nadu a smaller but assured share by the constitution of the Cauvery Management Board and suggested the center to devise a "scheme" to implement it. But the deadline passed without any actions from the center which made the top court accuse the center and has given a new deadline of May 3 to implement the water-sharing formula.

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