High profile entries in the Paradise Paper Scam

There are some high profiled and well-known entities involved in the Paradise Paper scam.

Paradise Paper Scam High profile entries in the Paradise Paper Scam Source : Press

According to the German paper, The law firm Appleby mentioned in the Paradise Paper Leaks, has an annual revenue of about $100 million and has offices in every major tax haven. The financial data leak has thrown out many high profiled names, which also includes prime ministers, princesses, Bollywood and Hollywood stars, along with some of the world's richest people from Russia, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Some of the high profiled and well-known entries are mentioned below:

Wilbur Ross, who is the US commerce secretary, has a stake in a shipping company which has close trade relations Russian PM Vladimir Putin. He owns about $2 million-$10 million.

Many members of Trump's administration were also said to be dealing with offshore accounts. Some of them are chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson who is the secretary of state, and Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary.

Amongst the people having multiple offshore taxes havens, Queen Elizabeth II was also a name with investments. After the revelations, her estate passed a statement saying all her investments were legal in nature.

Stephen Bronfman, the top advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has millions of dollars invested in the Cayman Islands.

A large number of Indians were also involved in the scam, including various MPs and Bollywood stars.

Various Hollywood A-Listers like Madonna also found a seat on the list.

The other high profiled personalities named are U2 frontman Bono, Queen Noor of Jordan, Brazil's finance minister, Uganda's foreign minister, etc.

Corporations like Facebook, Nike, Uber and much more, were also involved in the reduction of taxes.

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