Adhaar Cafe: A comedy web-series from the team of 'Virgin Woman Diaries'

After Married Woman Diaries and Virgin Woman Diaries, the makers are back with fun-filled web series ‘Adhaar Cafe.’ Watch the promo here.

Adhaar Cafe,Virgin Woman Diaries Adhaar Cafe: A comedy web-series from the team of 'Virgin Woman Diaries' Source : Press

A few days back Kabir Sadanand came up with a web-series titled as 'Virgin Woman Diaries' which was a fresh take on the bold issue of virginity. A subject that is very sensitive yet bold and needed to be discussed with the society. The web-series received a blockbuster response and created a buzz on the social media. Now the team of Virgin Woman Diaries is back and this time with a fun web-series. Yes, a comedy web-series titled as 'Adhaar Cafe.'

The first promo of the web-series is out and offers a dash of comedy while highlighting the issues. As the host Sumanto Ray says here they will discuss 'Jan-Dhan-Man ki baat'. All characters and events in this show may be puppets for the creator's moronic socio-economic views. But it's still ok to laugh at the show- we won't think less of you. This show is not intended to mock or ridicule actual events, persons or entities in any manner what so ever. If you still have a problem, go get a life.

The fun-filled web-series will start from November 27th, 2017.

Watch the promo of the web-series here.