200 More Women ACCUSE Director James Toback Of Molestation & Harassment!

Just 2 days after an article surfaced, in which 38 women shared their horrific experience with director James Toback, 200 more women have accused him of misconduct.

Director James Toback,James Toback 200 More Women ACCUSE Director James Toback Of Molestation & Harassment! Source : Press

Leading daily LA Times published its investigation on Hollywood Director James Toback in which 38 women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment and molestation.

Toback denied all the allegations made by the women saying that he never met any of them and even if he had, it was for just for over five minutes and that he has no recollection of the matter. He further dissed the claims by saying that because of diabetes and a heart condition it was "biologically impossible" for him to engage in such activities.

And just after 2 days, over 200 more women have shared their stories with the news portal. In the article, there were numerous accusations which stated that Toback would approach women in NYC, promise to offer them movie roles and later behave in a very inappropriate manner.

American actress Julianne Moore is the latest one to come forward and claim to have received unwanted sexual attention from the 72-year-old director. She tweeted, "#JamesToback approached me in the 80's on Columbus Ave with the same language - wanted me to audition, come to his apt. I refused. One month later he did it again with the EXACT same language. I said don't u remember u did this before?"

In a post on FB, James Gunn, who is the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, wrote that Toback misbehaved with FIFTEEN WOMEN he know and that he had been warning everyone to stay away from the director. "He has done this to three girls I've dated, two of my very best friends, and a family member ... twice."

The allegations against Toback comes following the downfall of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misconduct and physical harassment by more than 50 women, including many celebrities.

In the wake of the event, the LAPD are encouraging people to lodge a complaint with the sex crimes hotline number with regards to the allegations.