11 people lose their lives during anti-Sterlite violent protests in Tamil Nadu

In a tragic incident, 11 people lost their lives during the violent protests in the Thoothukudi part of Tamil Nadu over banning of Sterlite plant which produces copper.

anti-Sterlite violent protests 11 people lose their lives during anti-Sterlite violent protests in Tamil Nadu Source : Press

Protests against Vedanta's Sterlite copper unit in Tamil Nadu's Thoothukudi took a violent turn on Tuesday with at least 11 people being killed in alleged police firing. Thirty others were left injured by a mob of 20,000 people went on a rampage here demanding the copper unit be shut down because it has been polluting the area.

A horrific video has come forward of the riots where a police officer is seen crawling expertly on a bus, takes his position and the assault rifle. And then, a voice is heard in the background making a shocking statement: "At least one should die".

Taking to Twitter, DMK's working president MK Stalin said: "Who ordered the police firing on protestors? Why were automatic weapons used to disperse the crowd and under what law is this permitted? Why were rubber/ plastic bullets or other means NOT used to avoid fatal injuries? Why was no warning given before firing? #SterliteProtest"

While Congress President Rahul Gandhi called the violence an example of "state-sponsored terrorism". In his Tweet, Rahul said, "The gunning down by the police of 9 people in the #SterliteProtest in Tamil Nadu, is a brutal example of state sponsored terrorism. These citizens were murdered for protesting against injustice. My thoughts & prayers are with the families of these martyrs and the injured."

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