'Ceasefire' with Terror Groups has Home Ministry worried

The central government has announced a "ceasefire" between the army and the terrorists during the holy month of Ramzan but has got the Home Ministry worried regarding the security in the valley.

Ceasefire 'Ceasefire' with Terror Groups has Home Ministry worried Source : Press

The centre announcing a unilateral "ceasefire" with terror groups during the month of Ramzan seems to have brought down the incidents of violence in Jammu and Kashmir. 

In the last two days, only three terror incidents have been reported in the Kashmir valley. It is a major relief for the state administration as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Jammu and Kashmir today to inaugurate major infrastructure projects.

According to a senior official, "We have made adequate arrangements. We allowed namaaz in Jama Masjid today, but barring two places, no incidents of stone throwing were reported." However, the three terror incidents have given the Home Ministry a lot to worry about, as, in two of the three attacks, the security personnel couldn't even defend their own weapons.

According to reports, "In the first case, suspected terrorists snatched three rifles from police personnel at a guard post in Dalgate. In the second attack, the service rifle of a policeman was snatched at the university gate in Srinagar. The policeman was overpowered by terrorists in broad daylight."

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have been ordered not to launch operations during the holy month of Ramzan, announcing a ceasefire with terror groups in the state.

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