Work, Life and Learning – spilling the beans with Paresh Trivedi

Paresh Trivedi a modern time’s entrepreneurs, talks about his life, work, philosophy and how he juggles between the different roles he has been in and ventures that he has created.

Work Life and Learning – spilling the beans with Paresh Trivedi Work Life and Learning – spilling the beans with Paresh Trivedi Source : Press

Jack of all trades and master of some Paresh Trivedi is one personality that stands out in modern time's entrepreneurs. His entire career so far is based on practical experience and knowledge he possesses. Like any other person, Paresh had his fair share of hits & Misses in life but eventually evolved into a very successful multi-tasking professional. He was born on the 14th of December, 1968. He was born at Bharuch in Gujarat and completed both of his schooling and college at K J Somaiya in Mumbai.

His passion for creativity leads him towards Tinsel Town and with his cinematic vision; he became one of the most genuine silver screen's writer-producer. Apart from these, he is also a successful entrepreneur and he has guided multiple businesses as a mentor.

Today, we are in conversation with the man himself, to know more about his life, work, philosophy and how he juggles between the different roles he has been in and ventures that he has created.

1) What did you want to grow up to be as a child? Was it your dream to become a writer- producer?
I was always inclined towards the more creative fields and professions. So I always wanted to be an artist or musician.

2) We know you started your career with Doordarshan TV. What has been your greatest learning experience there?
My first job was with the legendary Doordarshan TV as a production assistant. It was a great learning experience. It taught me the incredible art of film making. I also learnt Media Marketing with them.

3) What led you to write your first drama- Kolishtak?
It's quite a funny story actually. One of my Maharashtrian friends challenged me to write a drama in Marathi, I call it a challenge because my mother tongue is Gujurati. My natural instinct is to take on any challenge like a sport. So I took it up and wrote my first play in Marathi - Kolishtak for which I won the Best Play writer award. This fuelled my creative abilities and gave me encouragement to create more and better work in writing.

4) FishEye entertainment was your first business, and it has been immensely successful. What is the story behind the creation of this company?
Having their own business is a dream for many. Working so long in the industry, have made a lot of friends here. One fine day we all met, someone proposed and that's it, there was a team raging to create our own company and that's how FishEye Entertainment was born.

5) No road that leads to success is easy. What has been the biggest hurdle in path to success? How did you overcome it?
When in business, money is one of the most important factors. The biggest hurdle was and still is to get finance for Film projects. Luckily, my previous experience of being a financial adviser has supported me to generate funds for all my projects.

6) You are a serial entrepreneur with business like Equity Biz, FishEye entertainment and VR Studio. How do you manage your time amongst all the different ventures you have?
I am a strong believer in the fact that two of the most important things that help me complete any task taken are dedication and teamwork. Effective management is the remaining ingredient of this secret sauce of success.

7) You are someone who inspires the youth. Who has been an inspiration to you?
Naseeruddin Shah & Om Puri are my role models because of their simplicity and sheer command over their respective arts. Their work speaks for them and that is what inspires me to be consistent and constant in my efforts.

8) What is your biggest strength?
My greatest strength as a human being, writer and entrepreneur is the ability to connect with other humans. It gives me command over language and communication to convey my ideas effectively with my readers and audiences. It enables me to create convincing situations and characters that sweep my readers off their feet. It also helps me convince stakeholders and show them my vision and plans through my artistic approach.

9) You are man of versatility, you have achieved so much at the various fronts in life. What has been your greatest achievement so far?
No achievement is too small, but nothing achieved looks big. That's why I like to say I haven't achieved the greatest thing yet. I hope God and my faith helps me accomplish what can truly be termed as my greatest achievement. Great things come to those who are patient and consistent, I am walking that path. I am extremely grateful for all the resources I've been able to access so far and all the support people have given me. I am also happy about all the milestones I have passed and all the successes that have come to me.

10) What is the next big thing for you?
here are two very big things that are coming up for me. One is my very recent restaurant venture called Combo Jumbo at Navi Mumbai, which is a one of a kind eatery, with 3 delightful concepts combined into one. There is Big Momma's Kitchen (a fine dining restaurant), Milkmania (The ultimate dessert destination) and Vivacity (Party Hall). The second big thing is my upcoming full-length feature dance drama film - ‘Jaykara - The Victory Dance' where will be working with Prince Khan who is the director and Laughy

11) What is the one quality you admire the most in people and one quality that dislike the most in people?
I think one of the most important qualities in any person is the ability to be trusted. When you are a genuine person, it shows and for me, it is one of the most crucial things about any person. Deceit and Betrayal have weighed me down at some points in life, so I believe they are the worst things that a person can possibly do.

12) Being a serial entrepreneur as well as a leading artist in tinsel town what would be you advice to young and budding filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs?
Originality is the greatest gift, do not lose it. Create entertaining cinema and always keep your audience in mind. Lastly stay genuine, humble and true to your work. As long as you are learning and growing it is okay to make mistakes, but it is important to analyze them and learn from them. Don't repeat your mistakes. 

13) What is your mantra in life?

Love life because life is all about love!

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