Wait, what! Remo D'Souza ousted from Race 4?

Remo D'Souza will no more direct Race 4. Indirectly blames Salman Khan for the Race 3 debacle at the box office

Remo D'Souza Wait, what! Remo D'Souza ousted from Race 4? Source : Press

The art of storytelling lies in the vision of the filmmaker that traverses the audience to the story that puts life into the character. Recently, the debacle of Race 3 faced the annoyance of the fans who bashed the director Remo D'Souza and Salman Khan for letting them down with such poor performance.

During an interaction with a leading news agency, Remo confessed that there were glitches in the story of Race 3 but stated that he has witnessed worst films shining bright at the box office.

Remo said, "When Shiraz Ahmed wrote the script it had the grey role. Race franchise is about grey characters but we can't show Salman in grey character and other things were also happening. Because of all that. It just went little..."

Adding further, he said, "Entertainment-wise we had great action, songs, 3D, etc. People loved the action but then suddenly trolls started. The action was done by people who are masters in action... Story-wise I agree there were glitches. But I have seen worst films becoming a hit. There were few changes that happened during the shoot. The script got modified after Salman came on board."

As per the latest drop of buzz, Remo D'Souza has been ousted from Race 4. A source close to the development informed a leading entertainment portal, "Remo was constantly ‘directed' by Salman Khan during the shooting of Race 3. In fact the entire cast including Anil Kapoor took directions from Salman. Remo could feel the project going out of control. But there was nothing he could do about it. When Salman Khan takes charge you either comply or you leave. Kabir Khan chose never to work with Salman after Tubelight was ghost directed by Salman. Remo also won't be returning for Race 4."

Well, the real reason for Remo's exit from the franchise is still unknown, however, reports suggest that his statements were a sly dig at Salman Khan over Race 3‘s debacle which might have led to his ousting.