IN VIDEO: Virat Kohli angry with Anushka Sharma publicly!

So apparently this is how Virat Kohli got angry with Anushka Sharma. It was an awkward moment for the paparazzi, as Anushka had to convince Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma IN VIDEO: Virat Kohli angry with Anushka Sharma publicly! Source : Press

Virat Kohli is angry young man, not only on field but also off field. His anger and rage are not unknown to anybody. But we did not expect Mr. 'Hot Head' to get his rage off on his alleged girlfriend. Yes, Virat recently was seen annoyed with Anushka and it took a lot of efforts from Anushka to calm down Virat's temper. All this happened publicly. A video too has been captured of the same, don't believe us? Check this chunk:

Sure, you shouldn't miss out on Virat Kohli's expression. The whole incident took place, after Virat and Anushka got out from Manish Malhotra's party. The two love birds were spotted walking out hand in hand. As soon as they got out, media wanted a picture of the two together. While Anushka was okay with it, Virat was simply seen dragging Anushka away from the media. Obviously Kohli didn't want to be clicked. Anushka then went in a corner with Virat, where we could clearly see Virat probably annoyed and abusing the media for asking for pictures all the while. It took some golden words from Anushka to calm Virat down. We don't know what Anushka said, but whatever she said worked wonders! Virat soon broke into a grin and happily posed for the media. Check these pictures.




Now, how cute is that? We wait the day the couple officialy announce about their togetherness!