This is the reason why Rishi Kapoor's hair turned grey!

Rishi Kapoor has unfolded the mystery around his grey hair with two tweets. Take a look.

Rishi Kapoor This is the reason why Rishi Kapoor's hair turned grey! Source : Press

Rishi Kapoor left everyone shocked when he suddenly flew abroad for a treatment of an unrevealed disease. He informed his fans with a tweet which read "Hello all! I am taking a short leave of absence from work to go to America for some medical treatment. I urge my well wishers not to worry or unnecessarily speculate. It's been 45 years "plus"of wear and tear at the movies. With your love and good wishes,I will be back soon!"

A video and a picture surfaced the internet later which had Rishi sporting grey hair. Rumors started spreading soon and the mystery around his grey hair worsened. To shut all the rumors, Rishi has made it clear with two tweets that the grey hair look is for a film and nothing else.

While sharing a picture on his Twitter handle he wrote, "This is to dispel all notions and wrong speculations of my hair turning grey/white overnight. My hair was dyed by Awan Contractor for a film produced by Honey Trehan and Sony pictures directed by Hitesh Bhatia. Film is untitled. Trust this clears the air."

His second tweet also confirmed that he will soon return back with his original look. Take a look at it here.

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra and Sonali Bendre were the recent ones to visit Rishi and Neetu Kapoor in the USA.

After Rishi flew abroad, he posted a video with Anupam Kher where he was seen taking a stroll of the city.

We are waiting for Rishi to come back to the bay all hale and hearty.