Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar getting a clean chit in regards to #Metoo case

Nana Patekar received a clean chit from the police regarding the #Metoo case that was filed by Tanushree Dutta. Here's what she had to say about her case and what she plans on doing further

Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar getting a clean chit in regards to #Metoo case Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar getting a clean chit in regards to #Metoo case Source : Press

Nana Patekar has received a clean chit by the Mumbai police after they found no evidence to support Tanushree Dutta's claims of being sexually harassed by him. Tanushree who worked with Nana on the sets of Rakesh Sarang's Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008, file started the #MeToo movement in India after she accused Nana of sexual harassment.

In her recent interview, she said, "This is disgusting because Nana Patekar has been trying to get a clean chit for a while, now. I have also mentioned this earlier in an interview that our witnesses have been getting threat calls, and they are being intimidated and pressured in every way so that they do not record their statements with the police. We have 10 witnesses, out of which only one-and-a-half statements have been recorded. The others have not even come forward, as they have got threat calls."

She also said thinks that the best way sexual predators could be punished is by taking their names on social media as filing for an FIR is of no help. She also revealed that she learnt a big lesson from the #MeToo movement. She said that the law and order cannot be trusted as they are good for nothing. She also stated how her example could be used to shut all those people who have questioned women and ask them why they haven't filed the FIR or police complaint.

Talking about people who called her a liar and said that she is making false allegations for publicity, she said, "It amazes me that a man who has been for decades called out for his abusive and foolish behaviour if one woman calls him out in public, she still gets called a liar. This is an old story in our country... any woman who speaks about harassment or abuse is a liar."

Her lawyer Nitin Satpute recently revealed that Tanushree will file a writ petition in Bombay High against Nana Patekar. She believes that the police has acted negligently by protecting Patekar and has not investigated the matter properly. They are reported to challenge the summary reports and will also demand the investigation be taken over by another agency.