Swara Bhaskar: Anonymity on Twitter giving people power to misbehave

Swara Bhaskar is known for her bold statements and she recently said that she never lets anyone insult her online.

Swara Bhaskar Swara Bhaskar: Anonymity on Twitter giving people power to misbehave Source : Press

Social media has brought celebrities closer than ever to their fans but it can also be said the same about haters. Celebrities often have to face online trolls for expressing their opinion publicly. Actress Swara Bhaskar who is slowly making her presence felt in the industry with her spending performances, believes that social media is just like a street for her where people misbehave with others. “I think the world of Twitter and the social media trolling is a very stark example of how our society functions. For me, it has become a place where you can pass comments on girls,” Swara said.

The actress said that the fact that a person can hide his or her identity on Twitter, enables anyone to misbehave with anyone online without any consequences. Most actors avoid reacting to trolls and haters but that is not the case with Swara. The actress has a way of dealing with the haters by sharing their views on twitter as she believes that a person should never remain quiet when someone misbehaves. However, she also thinks that actors should be open to criticism about their work in order to remain connected to reality.

Talking about her Facebook page, the actress said that she has kept the settings of the page set to public, in order to enable anyone to write anything. It is her way to keep in touch with what people are thinking about her.

Swara’s film ‘Annarkali of Arrah’ is in theaters and has received some warm reviews from the critics.