Super 30 Movie Review 2019: Scores Well

It's to Vikas' credit that the story of a real life mathematician which could've been as boring as a lecture on theorems, brims with an entertaining mix of emotions, social issues and with.

Super 30 Movie Review 2019: Scores Well Super 30 Movie Review 2019: Scores Well Source : Reliance Entertainment

You know that feeling when you're really high up there and suddenly you drop down with a thud? That's how the new Hrithik Roshan starrer makes you feel.

Mathematics genius Anand Kumar couldn't have had a happier home. Father Ishwar is that lovely old world postman who doesn't just deliver the post, he delivers warmth and friendship too. Brother Pranav is the kind who'll support Anand, no matter what. The relationship between the parents is romantic in its own way and director Vikas Bahl sets out to tell a serious tale with a lot of humour and heart.

There's love and lightness with Anand Kumar calculating his girlfriend's beauty in mathematical terms and you can see they dote on each other.

Until Anand's real calling catches up with him. He was born to be a teacher, the most magical kind who gifts his students the ability to think and figure out problems and solutions on their own. Having known the heartache of being brilliant but not being able to afford his passage to Cambridge, training the gifted among the underprivileged to enter IIT free of cost becomes his mission. But when Anand himself doesn't have deep pockets, the mission comes in-built with heartbreaks of different kinds.

As you meet a bunch of eager, brilliant minds who've been discriminated against since birth, you begin to feel that this could well be the big brother to Article 15. The students are so beautifully introduced that it brings a lump to the throat at interval point.

It's to Vikas' credit that the story of a real life mathematician which could've been as boring as a lecture on theorems, brims with an entertaining mix of emotions, social issues and with.

Some fantastic moments and fabulous performances keep it lively. The scene between Mrunal Thakur as Anand Kumar's ex-girlfriend and an immensely likeable Manav Gohil as her husband is heartwarmingly different. Pankaj Tripathi as the slippery education minister brings a sparkle even to slimy villainy. He and Aditya Srivastava as Lallan who runs education as a lucrative business are in their element. Amit Sadh brings a nice twist to the tale. There's some brilliant casting done with Nandish Singh making an authentic brother to Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik who darkens his face to play Anand Kumar and speaks with a marked Bihari accent is faultlessly sincere. But it does take a while to accept the handsome hunk with dark makeup, no 6-pack and no pelvic moves.

But between the director and writer Sanjeev Datta, they allow the narrative to derail. For one, the length of 154 minutes is unwarranted for a subject like this. Second, the many attempts by the combined force of the minister and the well-heeled educationist to truncate Anand Kumar's mission, come off like schoolboys trying to trip a classmate. A competition between the rich and the poor is as old as the discovery of zero. A Sholay dance in English could have been funny if it wasn't so prolonged. The biggest disappointment comes from the climax which is sheer fantasy and brings the worthy real story down by several notches. It always helps to leave the theatre on a high but Vikas doesn't pull it off. Also, the background music is overbearing.

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