Shraddha Kapoor: Rumours about my personal life make me laugh whenever I read them

It was reported last year that Shraddha Kapoor had moved in with Farhan Akhtar, which caused problems in her personal life.

Shraddha Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor: Rumours about my personal life make me laugh whenever I read them Source : Press

Ever since Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor's film ‘Rock On 2' released last year, rumours of an alleged relationship between the two stars have been doing the rounds. It was also reported last year that the two actors had moved in together. After the Farhan's divorce from Adhuna Bhabhani, the rumours have only grown stronger over time. The two actors have not spoken openly about their relationship and have only referred to each other as ‘good friend'.

Shraddha opened up in an interview recently and spoke about the scrutiny in media about her personal life makes her feel like a part of a TV serial in real life. "I am like I didn't know I became part of this show and I am playing so and so character. I used to get affected initially but now I ignore it and focus on what I am here to do," she said. Shraddha also said that she finds these rumours funny and also has a good laugh whenever she reads about them. Talking about the time when her family was involved in the rumours when it was reported that the actress had left her family to live with Farhan, it affected her deeply.

Shraddha also spoke about the ongoing issue about Sonakshi's performance at Justin Bieber's concert which is being questioned by various musicians. The actress feels that one cannot limit an artist and instead of restricting each other, artists must help each other grow.

Shraddha is currently awaiting the release of her film, ‘Half Girlfriend'.