Shera on Salman Khan: Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga

Salman Khan's loyal and trustworthy bodyguard Shera has now opened up about the actor. Read to know more.

Shera ,Salman Khan Shera on Salman Khan: Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga Source : Press

Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera is standing by his side like a shadow for almost more than 20 years now. Popularly known as the right-hand of Salman Khan, Shera enjoys a huge fan following among the fans of his Bhai as well.

Now he has opened up about Salman Khan and said that he will be with him until his last breath. While talking to a leading daily he said "Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga (I'll accompany him till my last breath). I always tell people that they will never see me standing behind or next to bhai. I will be standing in front of him, looking out for any threat."

"With love and respect. That is the only way to take of the ladies" said Shera when asked about how he handles Salman's female fans.

Well, we must say that Shera is a star in his own way. Not to forget he runs his own Security Agency Tiger Security Services which provide security to high profile people. It had earlier offered security to international names like Flash, Diana King, U2, Bryan Adams, Shaggy, Keanu Reeves, and Paris Hilton.

Meanwhile, Shera was the one who guarded international sensation Justin Bieber on his visit to India. While recalling the incident he said "We went to Gateway of India (in Mumbai) in the night, and to the slums the next day, the ones near Shivaji Nagar. Next time, I wanted to take him in a helicopter but he insisted on travelling in my car. He was using my car."

"He went to Starbucks, and by the time he reached there, everything went haywire and people started gathering. Before panic could take over, I had to pull him back in the van and immediately book a room in a nearby hotel for his safety" he added.